Gettin' Money...

The motivation of just about everyone seems to be that of "gettin' money", a phrase that has been in circulation for as long I can remember.

Hearing the phrase as an adult I begin noticing that everyone was actualizing its intent. And I shuttered to believe the idea that money would be the sole motivation for so many.

In life, especially when we have less, we don't realize that money does NOT equate to happiness. While it makes some circumstances bearable or better, it does not and will never equate to happiness.

I hear people mock this notion all the time. And I'm certain it's because their thoughts, have not yet evolved. They are stuck on the idea of what they believe money represents, and not what money is truly capable of doing. Not realizing that just because money eases stress and redirects focus, it doesn't mean your happy, it just means that now your focused on something else. And this is why I find a lot of people "with money" or focused on "gettin' money" hardly sustain wealth. Their focus is on short term goals, gain or status, versus actual wealth.

And you can see the difference in those motivated by money vs those motivated by success.

Most people who are motivated by success, consider wealth. They explore the immediate and long term goals of money. Yet, it seems that for most the concern is more of the illusion of money and status, not actually attaining it.

For example, think about all those people in clubs popping bottles and their rent is not yet paid.


Those buying luxury/designer bags, purses, etc. and children have not been fed or they live in poverty. Or even those who drive luxury vehicles but working at a job making at or less than 50K per year, with no more than $100 in the bank, no investments, etc.

But if you see them out you would think they had it all together, when in fact THEY DO NOT. They are more concerned with what they look like, than what they actually have.

These people are in search of a sense of validation from people they even don't know...

Here's another example, in recent news, Soulja Boy has been highlighted as repeatedly saying he is worth 20 or so million and is worried about "gettin' money", but he comments that he doesn't "brag" about what he has.

Hearing this, I asked myself why is money that much of a concern?

As someone who grew up with what I like to call the "best of both worlds", spending much of my childhood and pre-teen in mid to lower class and my teen and adult years in mid-high class, I saw what life was like with barely enough and with more than enough resources to sustain.

When you grow up "without" or "disadvantaged", typically as soon as you have an opportunity to have a different life or a "better" life, your idea of better is more or less about gaining everything you did not or could not have as a child.

Which is not always best. Spending all your money on clothes just because "you can" is poor logic.

However, it seems to be the logic of more African Americans, and what I believe will ultimately be our demise.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that most CEOs, doctors, lawyers or executives drive cash cars every day, wear regular clothes, etc. and are virtually undetectable as someone "wealthy" or "rich"? Except maybe on the weekends or on holidays...

Meanwhile, people with $2 in the bank or living paycheck to paycheck, look like they have millions. Ironic right? I would say so.

Wealth is maintained by frugality, investing vs spending and giving.

Money should be a benefit not motivation.

You would think that those who never had money would be more careful and appreciate it more, because just as fast as it comes, it goes. But that's most often NOT the case.

Money fuels selfishness. Selfish people are never satisfied or happy. They always want more.

When I think about happiness and motivation, I asked myself a question, "Would you rather be happy/peace of mind and broke or rich and unhappy/not a peace?".

For me the answer is simple, I would rather be happy, with a peace of mind and broke, than rich and unhappy.

Peace and happiness are my motivation, in everything that I do, I seek peace. Nothing is better than a peace of mind to me. And true happiness can't be bought.

I see unhappiness everyday, in people who try to "reinvent" themselves for acceptance with plastic surgeries.

When you are focused and motivated by the wrong things it's hard to appreciate the little things. That is why you see people, that when stripped of their possessions and money will kill themselves, and in some cases their families as well. That's because life in the absence of money is "not valuable".

It's a shame that those people can't see the value of life in the absence of money! But this is what happens when your motivated by money. You can't appreciate life.

Again, money should never be motivation, but a benefit in life. People who are motivated by money have deeper rooted fears, issues, etc.

And until they are able to address those fears and learn to appreciate life, they will never understand how to live in this world. They will merely EXIST in it.

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