Where are all the good men?

So while scrolling up my timeline I saw some posts by men that left me infuriated. I mean I was mad at the level of disrespect and fluent use of the word bitch to refer to mothers, daughters and sisters.

I can't believe how natural it is to defame a woman these days, and what's worse is that for the most part we get all the blame...

And I know there are some men who accept the responsibility to change the way men and women see and interact with one another.

I mean God created earth for Adam and Eve. We started this life together, yet for some reason we got lost in the world, and lost respect for one another.

It's disheartening to see how men treat women and how we allow ourselves to be treated.

Men, please remember that when you don't respect us, you make it harder for us to respect ourselves.

And ladies, if we don't set the expectation of respect, we can't leave that responsibility to someone else... It takes all of us to make it right. We can't be better without you, and you can't do better if we don't show you...

Because I am so frustrated with the level of dishonor and respect men show to women, I wrote this letter to the Good Men, on behalf of all the women upset, lonely, broken-hearted, or just broken, by all the other men...

Where are all the good men?

I know you're there somewhere, I just can't see you. I am waving the flag, seek me, I need to talk to you...

Good Men, I need to know what it's like to be loved by you, because there are too many men who aren't like you. I mean you're outnumbered by walking, talking contradictions. Those other men, they minimize your affection, with false motives and thoughtless actions disguised to make us believe that they love and value women. Saying we are queens, but I only find myself being treated "like a queen" when I get ready to leave!

These other men, they really won't let us be great. They want us to be and do whatever they say and desire, at any moment. They even expect us to deal with their excuses, lies, dishonesty, little man syndrome, god complex, small penises, identity crisis etc. and not ever complain. We have to understand them, and God forbid we ever place blame. Holding them accountable is equivalent to cursing their name.

But it’s time. It's long overdue for them to take responsibility for being an asshole. It’s time to take ownership of defaming women, especially those who bear their children, and who've never seen an ounce of their love or respect. It’s time for them to stop being a complete moron, encouraging side chicks, placing limits on my success because of their “image”. After all, it is them, the other men, isn't? It's them who encourage us to be That Hoe Over There (THOT), cause they want us to be the baddest in the game, small waist, weave filled mane and ass for days. They want us to be the best at giving head, keep their house clean, and keep him fed. Yet, my handle is his only concern, my name, not anything he'd care to learn. So, my middle name is as foreign to him as everything under the sun, sold in America. I should be deported from him, unavailable to him. They shouldn't be able to enjoy me. I am as dead to him as the "Salt Sea". So you should understand why I am angry. He shouldn't be able to use me.

What the fuck is wrong with him? Why are the other men ok with being complete assholes to us? Seriously answer that. Comment below. Maybe you know something I don't know.

What nerve they have, wanting us to be everything while giving us nothing more than an ounce of attention. While taking all that we have to give and giving us NOTHING, in return.

They bleed us dry. They take no responsibility for the distorted image we have of ourselves. We seek to please them and they turn us into circus acts to entertain them. What the fuck happened to him?

Oh wait I know, they blame us for "allowing" them to, but then I guess it's their mother's fault too? His sister and daughter also. I guess we all allow men to use, mistreat and abuse us. But if it weren't for us, there would be no him!

We contribute to making him the man he is, the man that walks, breaths and is able to be anything he wants to be on this earth. So he should take a moment to think, where would he be without me? Without his mother? Without the grandmother who raised him? Without the woman who loves him?

In the darkness we find strength, clothed in a dress, heart of a women, solid...unbent...but, we give credit to...him...regardless to if he won't acknowledge, he started the fire, that put us in the dark, in the first place... -AudriWrites

Nowhere. They would be nothing without us. We give them strength and lift them up, even when they have done nothing for us. We give them credit for things they haven't done. We help them be the man, they didn't know they could become! So we will continue to sit pretty, on the sidelines of life, encouraging them and making sure people take them seriously. Even when they don’t deserve it. We always see that they are worth of more. So why can't we be? Deserving I mean. Cause they obviously don’t deserve us. But if only we were that heartless...the world would become an empty tube, surrounded by shattered glass, with no hope for better news...

So, that's why we are looking for you, Good Men. You're supposed to be there for us but, where are you? Are you hiding from us? Are you sitting in a corner laughing at us? Are you really good, Good Man? Or are you one of those men who say, “that isn’t me” or “I don’t act that way”...

Well, even if you are, you’re still to blame, because you have friends who treat women this way, and you don’t say a thing. You laugh at your friends as they make a mockery of our shame. You think it’s funny that she allows herself to get played.

But if your friend were dating your daughter, would you view the situation the same?

I doubt it, but anyway, you never hold him responsible or encourage him to be better. You repost the pictures of his chick and congratulate him on “winning”, instead of asking him how he would feel if the picture was created of his mother and posted on his friend’s page? Or how he would feel if he scrolled up his timeline and saw men gawking over his daughter’s frame?

But see reality sets in when we see things in different ways...

Nonetheless, it isn't you, but that’s someone’s daughter you’re stifling. That’s someone’s mother you encourage that much more to be trifling. So are you better than him? When it comes to us, do you respect us more than him? Again that's a real question, we look forward to your response!

I ask again…Good men where are you?

Do you understand that we should relate better than we do? Or are you confused, because Good Men encouraging the other men has nothing to do with you?

The nerve of you! It may be your fault too.

But if this isn't you, maybe you are the Good Man, with all the Good Men friends. And if you are, we still don't see you. We can't hear you wanting us to be loved better, respected more and valued.

Good Men, do they minimize your love and encouragement of us? I mean, I can see them trying to brain wash us. Make us think the Good Men don't exist... You see even I questioned your intent. Just because the other men say you ain’t shit. So we think you're all the same. And you don't stand a chance in the world where they flush you out. We can’t hear your voice because they drown you out. And shame on us for thinking you’re all the same. But shame on them for making us feel we are not worth more than defame. And shame on you for keeping quiet when you need to yell our names!

So we question you Good Men.

Cause I'm sure if they had their way, we would all be in a world orgy, where their pleasure was the only to gain. So fuck them, from me and all the women who want you to silence them and allow us to hear you, the Good Men. We need to know you see your mothers and daughters in us too. We need to know that you respect us and want more for us.

We are oppressed because you don’t reach for us.

We are depressed because of the way you make us work for you to find us and love us…

In a world that doesn't embrace us, we expect to be loved by the men who need us. We hope to be appreciated by the men who recognize us...it's time out for being reduced to attributes with no purpose... -AudriWrites

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