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I Don't Respect Your Politics is a non-fiction book created to explain the lack of BLACK respect for American Politics.  Written by millennial, social activist and psychology student and enthusiast Audreyanna Garrett, I Don't Respect Your Politics aims to challenge the perception of all the wrongs we regard as "that's just how it is" in America.  I Don't Respect Your Politics turns the light on conditioning, confronts irrational cultural ideals and white ignorance.  I Don't Respect Your Politics attempts to explain the impact of social, civil and political oppression on the Black psyche, through correlating systemic oppression, white privilege, respectability politics, injustice, racism, equality and equity.  I Don't Respect Your Politics hopes to challenge readers (and all engaged parties) to question their mindset and invoke desire to change the social construct of America for the better.



I Don't Respect Your Politics

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