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Audreyanna Garrett is a poet, author, and writer from Houston, Texas.  Audreyanna has been published for over 13 years with work in genres of self-help, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  Audreyanna has experience ghostwriting and has ghostwritten internationally recognized literary work.


Audreyanna established and contributed to three personal blogs over the years but only currently maintains two, including a Tumblr, that houses Audreyanna's original poetry. 


Audreyanna has written articles and blog posts featured in (but not limited to) Teen Chic Magazine (online), Genre Urban Arts and Real Black Love (RBL).

Audreyanna currently contributes monthly blog posts solely to her personal blog AudriDom, a psychology and self-help blog (www.audriwrites.com),  


AudriDom creatively and sometimes poetically expresses the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships that foster spirits of self-acceptance, growth, and empowerment.


“I often share what I like to call, "life lessons", with the hope that someone else can grow and learn as I have.”  -Audreyanna Garrett, MBA, MS


Audreyanna is working on getting articles and posts featured in/on Mental Health Magazines, Huff Post, and other prominent psychology blogs.


Audreyanna has received a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) in Dance, from Sam Houston.  Additionally acquiring a Masters of Business Administration, with a concentration in Global Management and Masters of Science in Psychology.  She is currently enrolled in a Psychology Ph.D. Program.


Through Audreyanna’s work her motivation to encourage, support, spread love, and provoke conscious thought into the lives of many is very apparent. 


“The more I learn and grow, the more my readers get to learn and grow with me…”-Audreyanna Garrett, MBA, MS


Audridom the blog created by author and blogger Audreyanna Garrett, stands to give birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding and forgiveness, as well as help diminish spirits of fear, desperation, doubt and frustration, all while encouraging us to move forward in truth to something greater.  

Audreyanna Garrett, MBA, MS